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Granite Slab Gallery 1 - These slabs are located in the Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina SLABCO warehouse.  To see slabs located in Elberton, Georgia, click here.    If you have any questions about any of our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at 864-834-1258.  If you are unsure of the color or structure of the granite slab or any of the other materials, we will be glad to send you additional photos.  We can send actual samples to the geographical areas that we serve; this area includes Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Our normal delivery schedules do not include other areas in the United States, so if you find material on our site; please discuss this with your granite countertop fabricator. Samples can be sent to areas other than GA, SC, NC and TN, but shipping charges will apply.

                  Click the photo to see larger view actual granite slabs in stock
**We update our pictures on a regular basis. However, there are materials that become unavailable before our next update.  Please call to check availability on the material that you choose.**


Absolute Black  Z 27507

Absolute Black Flamed 41829

Acadian Night granite slab 35981
Acadian Night 35981

African  Ivory Granite Slab 201
African Ivory 201

Antique White 1335

ARARA GOLD granite slab
Arara Gold 6010

ARARAS granite slab
Araras 32710

Aspen White 39351

ASGARD WHITE granite slab
Asgard White 11183

ASGARD WHITE granite slab
Asgard White 11202

AVATAR granite slab
Avatar 5314

azul aran granite slab 31300-101
Azul Aran 31300

azul aran granite slab
Azul Aran 34231

Azul Platino granite slab
Azul Platino 37240

Black Pearl

BLANCO tropical granite slabs
Blanco 32440

BLUE BAHIA granite slab
Blue Bahia 32047

Blue Garden granite slab 37115
Blue Garden 37115

Blue Nile Granite Slab 7496
Blue Nile 7496

BLUE NILE granite slab
Blue Nile 10933

LUNDHS BLUE Pearl granite slab
Blue Pearl 38982

Blue Savannah 6079

BORDEAUX RIVER granite slab
Bordeaux River 453

BORDEAUX RIVER granite slab
Bordeaux River 34305

Brown Canyon 66

Butterfly Gold 31832B

Butterfly Gold Granite Slab 31838
Butterfly Gold 31838

CALEDONIA granite slab
Caledonia 5918

Carioca Gold granite slab
Carioca Gold 30379

cartier granite slab
Cartier 12191

CAYMAN granite slab
Cayman 38369

CHOCOLATEgranite slab 1520
Chocolate 1520

Cold Mountain 1263

Colonial Gold granite slab
Colonial Gold 3535

COLONIAL WHITE granite slab
Colonial White 7625

Comet 21946

Comet 34743

Comet white granite slab
Comet White 2442

Comet White granite slab 2753
Comet White 2753

Copenhagen 36554

Dakota Mahogany 33643


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