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Quartzite Slab Gallery - These Quartzite slabs are located in the Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina SLABCO warehouse.  To see Quartzite slabs located in Elberton, Georgia, click here. Quartzite slabs are generally used for floors, walls, countertops and for outside as cladding and pavement.  Quartzite is also quite beautiful, and is often seen as exterior surfaces of buildings. Quartzite slabs are generally light-colored beiges, whites and tans, blue, green, brown, desert yellow and black . If you have any questions about any of our materials, please do not hesitate to contact us at 864-834-1258.

Click the photo to see larger view actual Quartzite slabs in stock
**We update our pictures on a regular basis. However, there are materials that become unavailable before our next update.  Please call to check availability on the material that you choose.**

AGATA granite slab
Agata 34107

Alexandria Quratzite slab
Alexandrita Quartzite  28669

Azul Macubas 39256

Blues 5786

BRONZITE Quartzite slab
Bronzite 6052

BRONZITE quartzite slab
Bronzite 6564

CARBON-GREY-SATIN quartzite  slab
Carbon Grey Satin 39661

Champagne Quartzite Slab 36526-100
Champagne Quartzite 36526 

CHAMPAGNE quartzite slab
Champagne 36523

 CHATEAUX BLANC Quartzite slab
Chateaux Blanc 27808 

Cielo 38938

Cocadablu Quartzite 14188
Cocadablu Quartzite 14188

DOMUS WHITE granite slab
Domas White Quartzite 40352

ELBRUS Quartzite slab
Elbrus 28541

ELBRUS quartzite slab 32925-100
Elbrus 32925

Elegant Brown 34381

FUSION quartzite slab 35727-100
Fusion 35727

FUSION quartzite slab 35729-100
Fusion 35729

INFINITY Quartzite slab
Infinity 35581

KAIANA QUARTZITE slab -#29228-100
Kaiana Quartzite 29228

Labaradorite Blue River slab 12145
Labaradorite Blue River 12145

Laguna Blue 40596

Macaubas fantasy quartzite slab
Macaubas Fantasy 38310

MARINE BLUE Quartzite slab
Marine Blue 6299

Mont Blanc Quartzite 41132
Mont Blanc Quartzite 41132

RED DRAGON Quartzite slab
Red Dragon 33791

REVOLUTION WAVE Quartzite slab 25779
Revolution Wave 25779

SEA PEARL quartzite slabs
Sea Pearl 41635

Savoie Quartzite #38937
Savoie Quartzite 38937

TOBLERONE BIANCO quartzite slab
Toblerone Biaco 30104

Victoria Falls quartzite slab 40591-100
Victoria Falls 40591

WHITE MACAUBAS granite slab
White Macaubas 1418

White Macaubas 2489

White Macaubas quartzite slab
White Macaubas 38511



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Quartzite slabs are fabricated by the sawing of limestone blocks in the desired thickness, then polished like marble or granite slabs. Quartzite slabs are available in a wide range of sizes for multiple uses. The large sized Quartzite slabs are typically used for flooring, wall cladding, and countertops.  Limestone slabs are suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Quartzite slabs are hard, impervious, and compact and have low water absorption. Quartzite slabs have a high resistance in freezing and thawing conditions. Due to this, Quartzite slabs can be used in any atmospheric conditions without getting affected. The surface texture of Quartzite slabs is fine grained. . The common colors of Quartzite slabs are blue, green, brown, desert yellow and black. Quartzite slabs are also sometimes sold as marble slabs. Quartzite slabs impart an aesthetic look and add grandeur to any indoor or outdoor application.



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